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Here at Badger we believe in verifying claims so that you can trust the products that you use and the companies you support. We also believe in third party certifications and full transparency. If you're someone who needs proof to believe it, read on!

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Safe & Effective – We take pride in making what we consider to be the safest and most effective sunscreens on earth. We use the mineral zinc oxide as the only active ingredient providing broad spectrum protection (UVA and UVB). Our inactive ingredients are minimally processed, good for your skin, and most are certified organic. More about Badger Sunscreen Ingredients.

Easy to apply & non-greasy – This claim appears on our sunscreen lotions because they contain a lighter lotion base which is less viscous and easy to spread on the skin. The inactive ingredients quickly absorb into your skin.

Non nano zinc oxide sunscreen

Non-Nano Sunscreen – Sunscreens with this claim use zinc oxide with primary particles that are larger than 100nm. More about our Zinc Oxide and Nanoparticles.

Clear zinc oxide sunscreen

Clear Zinc Sunscreen – Sunscreens with this claim use a porous zinc oxide to make the product less whitening. More about Clear Zinc Oxide.


UVA UVB Sunscreen – All of our sunscreens provide excellent broad spectrum protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays. More about UVA and Broad Spectrum.


Water Resistant Sunscreen – Sunscreens with this claim have been independently tested to be equally effective after 40 or 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. More about Water Resistant Sunscreens.

Reef Friendly Sunscreen Logo

Reef Friendly / Reef Safe Sunscreen – Our sunscreens contain none of the ingredients shown to harm coral. More about Reef Friendly / Reef Safe Sunscreens.

Biodegradable Sunscreen Logo

Biodegradable Sunscreen – Sunscreens with this claim (our creams and sticks) have passed biodegradability testing, meaning that they break down in the natural environment. More about Biodegradable Sunscreens.

NPA Natural Seal

Certified Natural Sunscreen – All Badger sunscreens comply with the Natural Products Association (NPA) natural standards and our SPF 25 Rose sunscreen lotions are certified natural by the NPA according to the Natural Seal Program. More about the NPA Natural Standard.

NSF Organic Logo

% Certified Organic Sunscreen – Badger sunscreens contain between 84% and 99% certified organic ingredients (calculation excludes the zinc oxide active ingredient) and are certified to contain organic ingredients based on the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard – Since all of our sunscreens use the mineral Zinc Oxide we are unable to certify to the USDA Organic Program (which is a food standard and doesn't allow minerals). The NSF Contains Organic Program offers the most rigorous organic certification for personal care products. Read more about the NSF Organic Certification for personal care products.

Non GMO Sunscreen

Non-GMO Sunscreen – Badger sunscreen creams and lotions bearing this logo are certified Non-GMO by NSF to the NSF Non-GMO True North standard, one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.

NON-Comedogenic sunscreen logo

Non-Comedogenic Sunscreen – Badger sunscreens are made from all-natural ingredients that should not irritate or clog pores. Those products bearing the "Non-Comedogenic" claim have been clinically tested to ensure that they do not block pores. These products include our SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen Cream, SPF 30 Tinted Unscented Sunscreen Cream, SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 25 Rose Face Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 25 Rose Tint Face Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen, SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sunscreen. Our other sunscreens (Baby, Kids, Lavender, and Sport) have the same ingredients as our Unscented Creams (apart from small percentages of organic essential oils) and are equally suited for sensitive skin.

hypoallergenic sunscreen logo

Hypoallergenic Sunscreen – “Hypo (lower) allergenic” means a lower chance of causing skin irritation or an allergic reaction. This claim has been substantiated using Repeat Insult Patch Testing (RIPT) on human volunteers. Our test results show that all of our sunscreen products can be considered “Non Primary Irritants and Non Primary Sensitizers”.

pediatrician tested sunscreen logo

Pediatrician Tested Sunscreen – The pediatrician claim requires the same testing that is conducted to make the hypoallergenic claim (see description above). These results are then reviewed and approved by a consulting pediatrician who determines whether or not the product is deemed safe for use on babies and kids. Our SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream, Diaper Cream, and After-Bug Balm have been pediatrician approved.

Critical Wavelength Sunscreen UVA

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen – In the U.S., all "broad spectrum" claims must be substantiated using the Critical Wavelength method, which measures the breadth of UVA protection. A sunscreen is considered broad spectrum if the critical wavelength result is greater than 370nm. The results for our sunscreens range from: 374-385nm.

PA UVA Sunscreen Rating

Based on the UVA rating system used in some Asian countries, this symbol is representative of the UVA Protection Grade (PA) or UVA Protection Factor (UVA-PF). This is the most rigorous international broad spectrum test available, and measures persistent pigment darkening (PPD) on human skin. UVA-PF results are often labeled using four levels, PA+ being the lowest level of protection and PA++++ being the highest level of protection.

The PA+++ symbol is an Asian UVA-protection grading system based on an international broad spectrum standard. Badger has tested some of our sunscreens to this standard in order to distribute in countries that require it. Products without this symbol have not been tested to this particular standard because we do not currently sell them in those markets. However, all of Badger’s sunscreens meet the FDA’s Broad Spectrum standard and protect against UVA rays.

UVA Sunscreen Logo

UVA – According to the EU, broad spectrum protection is determined by the ratio of UVA to UVB protection. A product must achieve a UVA protection factor (determined via the PPD test described above) equal to at least 1/3 of its SPF value in order to bear the UVA symbol and make a broad spectrum label claim.

B Corporation Logo

Certified B-Corp – Badger is a certified B Corporation. The ‘B’ stands for Benefit, and being a B Corp means that we have made a commitment to weave our mission into the DNA of our business, from the ingredients we source to the way we treat our employees and the environment. Learn more about B-Corp and see our B Score.

Leaping Bunny No Animal Testing Skin Care

No Animal Testing – All of Badger's products meet the Leaping Bunny standard for No Animal Testing.

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